This January I committed to completing a 30-day yoga challenge. There are many programs that can be found online but I really enjoy the YouTube channel “Yoga with Adriene”. Each January she offers a 30-day yoga journey with a new video each day that you can do from home with little to no experience or equipment. Count me in!

Here are my top 5 takeaways from surrendering to this awesome challenge.

  1. It’s impossible to improve if you don’t (honestly) face where you’re at right now. Stepping onto the mat on Day 1 was difficult. I felt uncoordinated and inflexible but I did it.
  2. You don’t need to be intimidated by postures – there is a level and a modification for every body at every stage. 
  3. Yoga gets you out of your head and works like a kind of moving meditation. I found it just as nurturing to my high-anxiety mind as it was to my sore muscles (computer-posture anyone?).
  4. Breathing is everything. Stress causes short and shallow breathing patterns that keep us held in knots. Taking time every day to elongate and deepen your breath causes a cascade of positive changes that you’ll take with you throughout your day.
  5. If you have an animal at home – they will love ‘yoga mat time’. I’m pretty sure my cat thought this time was specifically for him to roll around and stretch with me.

This challenge was well worth it – I feel restored, accomplished, and generally happier. Some days were slow, stretchy, and nurturing while others were core-activating and energizing. Most importantly, I’m motivated to continue exploring this daily practice and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to make more time for self-care and self-reflection.