Scar Tissue Release Technique

Scars….Often people don’t realize how the scars can affect  their bodies  by not only producing and keeping the pain patterns on a site of a scar, but also by triggering unpleasant sensations or pains elsewhere in the body. For example, a C-secion scar may produce back pains. Another kind of an abdominal scar may produce digestive or hormonal issues, some surgeries in the breast or chest area could be responsible for shoulder pain, a bunion surgery scar may trigger lingering numbness in the feet.

Many people keep emotions being trapped in their bodies after surgeries or traumas.  Some people say they don’t feel the same as they were before the surgery.

How can the Scar Tissue Release Technique Help?

Scar Tissue Release Technique helps people to get rid of these unpleasant sensations or pains that frequently linger for a long time after a surgery or trauma. The trapped emotions may be processed and released with the help of the Scar Tissue Release Technique too.

Scar Tissue Release Technique could be very helpful in the post operational or post traumatic rehabilitation and in pain reduction.

The technique could be utilized on a scar as early as  9 weeks after surgery.

There is no limit to how “old” a scar should be to benefit from treatment;

the decades old scars could be helped as well.

The Scar Tissue Release treatment is non invasive and pleasant, no machines, needles or instruments are used and often just a few treatments are needed to see the results.

The technique could also be used to help overworked muscles or address plantar faciitis.

Note: Contraindications to the scar work : active cancer (remission is totally fine), unhealed or infected scars, mesh implemented in the surgical area.