August 21st until August 28th

Dr. Tom Daly (Naturopath), Dr. Shannon Viana (Chiropractor), Laurie Knarr (Massage Therapist) & Nicole (Receptionist) will all be on vacation.


There will not be a receptionist on duty during this time, but phone messages will be checked.

***Samantha Tulloch (Massage Therapist) will be available for treatment by appointment only during this week***

August 28th until September 6th.

Dr Tom Daly & Nicole will be on vacation an additional week

Reception will be available during this week for limited hours.  Please call before picking up from dispensary.


The clinic and dispensary will re-open for chiropractic and massage treatments on Monday August 29th.

Dr. Daly will resume Naturopathic appointments on Tuesday September 6th.