Yuliana Rokhline CBT HHT

Yuliana is a Certified Bowen Therapist, Indian Health Massage Practitioner, Scarwork Release Practitioner and Holistic Health Therapist. She is licensed by Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Canadian Branch) and is a registered member of the Canadian Bowen and Bowtech Group, the Official Registry for the Original Bowen Technique in Canada. She is also a Professional Healthcare Instructor, certified by the American Medical Association.

Yuliana has being working in holistic and complementary healthcare for 12+ years.

She believes that keeping up with the modern holistic techniques and treating a person as a whole being is essential for a nowadays practitioner.

Yuliana uses her intuition, education and knowledge to provide her clients with the best possible treatment. Her main goal is to help her clients to reduce pain, stress, to improve overall health, and to make clients feel better.

Whether you are using her Bowen Therapy services to resolve a health issue or recover from a sports injury, trying to resolve a scar related pains or looking to lessen the everyday stresses of work and life with Indian Head Massage, Yuliana will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment program, designed specifically for your needs and wants.   No matter if your issues are big or small, Yuliana feels that the ultimate goal is to make you feel better.

She always listens to her clients and explains what she will be doing.

Professional Memberships and Affiliations:

Member, Canadian Bowen and Bodyworks Group

Preventative Health Group

International Alliance of Health Therapists