Advanced Lab Testing

Some tests commonly performed include:

  • Food Allergy Tests can identify the sensitivities and intolerances that often contribute to health problems.
  • Hair Analysis provides an excellent way to look for excess levels of toxins such as arsenic, aluminum, lead, and mercury. It also helps determine deficiencies of nutritional minerals such as zinc and selenium.
  • Saliva Hormone Profiles help us assess hormone balance relating to female and male health, stress related illness, and other health concerns.
  • Bio Impedance Analysis measures your ratio of body fat and lean mass, basal metabolic rate, and cellular health. Whether your goals are weight loss or peak fitness it is a great tool for optimizing your health,.
  • Comprehensive Digestive Analysis provides valuable information about yeast, parasites, and other factors that may contribute to your unsolved health concerns.
  • Many other tests from integrative medical labs such as Metametrix, Doctor’s Data, Rocky Mountain Analytical, and Great Plains Laboratories are available through the clinic.

We can also request standard medical tests such as cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid assessment, etc. if needed. Please contact us if you have any questions about lab testing.