• Field greens, baby spinach or spinach arugula mix 1 pack (about 150-200gr)

    Greens with Goat Cheese before mixing

  • Basil 1-2 handfuls
  • Tomatoes 1 to 1.5 small packs of cherry/grape
  • Green onions 1 bunch
  • Goat cheese 1 small log (140 grams)
  • Salt ,pepper

Basil gives this salad its fresh yummy flavour, but it is possible to omit it if you don’t have it.

Chop spinach ( or the other greens that you are using), transfer it into a bowl. Cut cherry/grape tomatoes in halves, chop green onions and basil (we usually remove the hardest parts of the stems), add to the greens. Add salt and pepper.

Add goat cheese (may be a little less than a whole log, depending on the size of your salad bowl) and olive/vegetable oil. Mix everything together and enjoy.

Variations: I substitute cucumbers for tomatoes for some family members who don’t like tomatoes.

Greens with Goat Cheese

Greens with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese