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Healthy Choices and Wellness Show


Eat Breathe Dance Celebrate Living This Sunday March 25 10:30-4:30, Dr. Tom and Arla Kasaj will be at the 2012 Healthy Choices Wellness Show, at the Cambridge Holiday Inn (200 Holiday Inn Drive). For more info go to To learn more click here.    

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Signs of Autism at 6 Months of Age


Signs of Autism Show Up on MRI at 6 Months of Age Children who develop autism have pervasive abnormalities of brain white matter and altered neural developmental trajectories even before symptoms appear, researchers demonstrated on imaging studies. At 6 months of age, at-risk infants who later showed typical symptoms of autism had higher fractional anisotropy [...]

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The Autism Enigma


If you missed "The Autism Enigma" it is available on the CBC website at the link below for viewing in Canada only. Please click here to watch this video online. There are also able to view some really great interviews that didn't make the documentary on the producer's site. Please click here to view interviews [...]

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