— As many of you know, the government of Ontario has been in the process of updating the regulations for Naturopathic Doctors. After more than 6 years, this process is almost complete! The draft regulations have been released for a 60 day consultation period, which ends on September 10, 2013. This draft is a big step towards ensuring that N.D.’s in this province are properly regulated and providing the public with the assurance that their N.D. has the training necessary to help them achieve optimum health. 

Unfortunately, there are a few areas of this draft document that may potentially limit Naturopathic Doctors in providing quality health care. These areas include being able to access Ontario laboratories for basic tests (i.e. cholesterol, thyroid, hormones…), and having access to certain herbs, vitamins and nutrients. 

Please help us! If you have benefitted from naturopathic care, or know someone who has, please take the time to send a note to Premier Wynne (before September 10), letting her know that you support Ontario’s N.D.’s and would like to see them continue to be able to practice using their full scope of abilities. A sample letter can be found here:


or feel free to draft you own.

Thank you so much for your help, and enjoy the rest of the summer!